Narayanaguru College of Engineering

About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is comprised of the Vice Principal, Dr. Robert Raja Singh, Dr. Ajitha Priyadarshini and Ms. Reena Benjamin. IQAC has contributed significantly for institutionalizing the quality assurance strategies and processes. The IQAC leads the effort the successful implementation of quality assurance strategies and processes. The two activities depicting the qualities of institution is given below.

Example 1: Conduct of Project Expo

Project ideas for the engineering students gives an edge over the race of recruitment to work hard and to ensure good career. Considering this importance the IQAC has initiated project expo for the students and motivates major portion of internal students to display their creative and innovative ideas as a model in the project expo. This enables the students to gain the practical knowledge. In spite of theory concept, various industries expect the capacity of the employees to complete their projects using specific initiative. So the students are motivated to realize the value of practical training through the project expo. The best projects among them were awarded and the students were encouraged to come up with their ideas for the proposals and research funding.

Example 1: Remedial Education

IQAC has initiated the remedial education to assist the students in order to achieve expected results and competencies. This acts as a chance which helps to boost the poorly prepared students to the success. The college has improved the credits and higher probability of achieving results by the remedial actions. This is not considered as a discouragement for the students. but I serves for other purpose which helps the students be in track of faculties. This is offered by the faculties in the institution. This is also offered through the Guest Lectures from other institution for improved effectiveness for the tough subjects based on the request and feedback of the students.